Get a New Logo from 99Designs
Rocket Social Marketing hosts contests on on behalf of our clients. The video below is from the 99Designs website and it explains how the process works:

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You cannot underestimate the value of a good logo. When it comes to “branding your company,” your logo is the most important part of your brand. It’s how you are recognized in the marketplace. For a very reasonable investment, you can have a completely new logo designed for your company that will stand the test of time!

Rocket Social Marketing does not actually design logos for our clients. Instead, we hold logo design contests on behalf of our clients through
99Designs. Their "crowdsourcing" system offers the best way to get an incredible logo designed at an affordable price—and quite frankly, there is not a local design firm anywhere who can compete. Our clients can expect better results by using our “Proxy Design Service” through 99Designs for the following reasons:

  • Our contests get more submissions because we have a history of successful contests.
  • Our design team takes care of the communication, rating, and comments for you (which can take a lot of time).
  • Our contests are always held blind, which you couldn’t do on your own if you’ve never held a contest before (designers prefer blind contests).

If you need a new logo designed, use Rocket Social Marketing's
Proxy Design Service through 99Designs.

Here are some sample logo designs from contests held for our Power Marketing Consultants Network clients:


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